Wedding Question and Answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. Weddings are a celebration. I enjoy each of wedding I officiate. I’ve done Cherokee style weddings, native weddings at a powwow, and more traditional outdoor weddings.

Small weddings are offered on the steps of the Troy, Ohio old court house stairs, which provides a beautiful stage for photographs. I have officiated at the Eldean Covered Bridge on Eldean Road, Troy, Ohio; Charleston Falls;  Kiser State Park on the beach; in the back of a limo, and I am open to exploring more destinations.

There is a small chapel, Chapel of the Winds on State Route 36, Greenville, Ohio that I would very much like to officiate a ceremony. How about a log cabin event at Brukner’s Nature Center, Troy, Ohio?

Let’s talk about where you would like to have your ceremony conducted.

Q. Are themed or CosPlay weddings legal?

A. Yes.  If you have a marriage license, I sign it after the ceremony and send it to the State of Ohio.  The State will register your wedding.  It is then valid and it will take a divorce court to undo the legalities.

Q. What if we don’t want to register with the State?

A. Do not purchase a marriage license.  This is called a commitment ceremony and is not required to be registered with the State of Ohio.  I do as many of these as I do registered weddings.  (read on…)

Q. Describe three recent jobs you’ve completed.

A. Recently, my ceremonial services were conducted at my home in West Milton, Ohio; Wisdom Quest- North’s tipi, West Milton, Ohio; The Willow Tree, Tipp City, Ohio; The Event Connection, Linden Ave. Riverside, Ohio; a barn, New Madison, Ohio; by the pond, Richland County, Ohio; Roundeye Park, Arcanum, Ohio; Kiser Lake State Park; in private backyards; Country Club of the North, Beavercreek, Ohio; VFW’s; and American Legion halls.

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. My services include rehearsal as well as the ceremony. When you spend thousands of dollars on an event, you should have a run through with everyone present.

Think of your wedding as being a play on Broadway. Everyone needs to know where they are to stand, sit and when they should speak and practice makes perfect. There will always be the flower girl or ring bearer who will go a little off course during the actual event, this adds charm to your ceremony, along with smiles.

Your actual ceremony is the climax of the rehearsal. You are calmer due to having been through the paces earlier in the week. Everyone knows when and how you want the ceremony to proceed. The finale is you saying, “I do.”

This is your show, do not cheat yourself by cutting this from your ceremony.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. One thing to keep in mind, this is your day! Make sure it is in the contract that your wedding officiant is photographer and videographer-friendly. To hire a professional photographer and then have a wedding officiant dictate the photos he or she are allowed to take is a huge disappointment, especially if you do not realize this fact until the day of the wedding.

Ask your wedding officiant and photographer/videographer to work together, including to have the wedding officiant announce to your guest to take photos from their seat only without flash. This will help your photographer/videographer to achieve a higher quality work for your money.

My other suggestion is to hire a wedding planner, or the very least one to co-ordinate your day.  Do yourself a huge favor and relieve yourself of the additional stress of not having a ‘day of’ coordinator.  She or he will have the timeline and will keep everyone on track.  This is not a job for your friend or mother.  It is time for a professional.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. Ask how to confirm your wedding date. I require a non-refundable $150 deposit. My contract stipulates how this protects you and me.

You should also inquire whether the officiant has a minister who will replace him/her in the case of an unforeseen emergency. I have two male ministers and six female ministers who have agreed to stand in for me should I have an emergency that keeps me away. The Minister will have access to all the paperwork you and I have created to preform the wedding as you and I discussed.

Does it matter to you if your wedding officiant shows up in a suit, causal Friday attire, or a clergy’s robe? Ask them what they wear when conducting a wedding ceremony. I wear a black clergy robe with a gold tapestry stole, allowing the wedding couple to shine at the alter.

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. It is very important the wedding couple consider what type of service they want for their ceremony. Your service should reflect who you are, yes we have heard of writing ‘our own vows’, but what about the rest of the service? If you are thinking a pagan ceremony, you might want to consider the rest of the service the officiant will be saying. The same for a more traditional ceremony, you might not want to leave til death do us part out.

Consider what you would like for the officiant to include, have them write it out and check it. Make sure you agree with what is to be said, as it is you making the commitment to those words.

Q. What is the difference between a commitment ceremony and a wedding ceremony?

A.  The difference is a wedding ceremony has paperwork to be filed with the state and the commitment ceremony does not.

A commitment ceremony includes the Welcome, Opening Statement, Readings, Statement of Intentions, Vows or Promises, Ring Exchange, Sand|Candle|Handfasting|Fisherman’s Knot|Bread and Wine|etc, and the Benediction, the pronouncement of being Life Partners, and the introduction as a couple.

A commitment ceremony is good for the person who might lose their financial livelihood such as social security if they married and registered with the state.  It would also be good for the couple who does not want it registered but would like to please their parents or children about having a Holy sanctified union.  There are a number of reasons you might not want to be legally married, yet experience the entire ceremony.