Amazing wedding ceremonies happen here.  No two couples are alike, and no two ceremonies should be alike.  Customized, romantic, weddings, and or CosPlay with Get your Geek on Fun weddings are designed with your uniqueness at the heart of your wedding ceremony.

Rev. Cindy Lee may be known for being the “The Concierge of Get your Geek on wedding Celebrations!”, she is known also for not leaving a dry eye in the house.  Whether your choice is a traditional romantic wedding, or a full blown CosPlay party, Rev. Cindy Lee is your premier choice.

Your day is a very romantic day.  It is filled with things that you feel romantic and sexy.   The words within your ceremonial service should reflect who you are and be memorable to your guest.  If you are a die-hard Sci-Fi fan, then let your wedding ceremony reflect it.  If you are a gaga over Disney themes, allow your wedding ceremony to showcase your favorite movies or characters.

Rev. Cindy Lee will take care of making it legal, while you enjoy the fun festivities of a personalized ceremonial service that allows your personality to shine through.  No matter if your favorite author is Dr. Seuss, or J. K. Rowlings, your themed wedding is the event of your lifetime and the largest party you will probably every through.

Celebrate your Love of each other, your favorite TV, Movie, music artist, or author, and get married in the style you are most comfortable.  You are unique, and your wedding ceremony should be equally unique.  Rev. Cindy Lee is the foremost themed clergy in the Ohio Valley.

 WEDDING PACKAGES and Definations

Please explore my pages to learn about what I will offer you on your special wedding day.  My goal is to make your vision a reality and includes the exact verbiage of the ceremony and vows, to choosing songs, poetry, or inspirational quotes that compliment your theme.  Each and every moment of your wedding will be as exciting and exhilarating for me, as it is for you.  This is why I ask my couples to become my friend on facebook and like my business pagetwitter, pinterest and instagram.  The excitement you share with your family and friends, will also excite me and assist me in knowing you better.

The wedding packages, I offer below, are suggestions.  I will work with you to make it happen doing my best to accommodate your needs and circumstances.

Quick Signing Ceremony:  Available to couples who only want their marriage license signed.  A quick and simple process and I will complete the court housing filing.  We will meet in West Milton, OH.

Intimate Ceremony:   Is attended by up to 16 of your family and friends.  Usually held at an outdoor location that does not require a permit.  I have suggestions if needed.  I officiate, sign your marriage license, and file at the court house for you.  You may supply your own witnesses.

Small Intimate Ceremony:  A celebration that includes 17 to 50 guests, and is held in a small venue that usually will hold the reception also.  An outdoor wedding sometimes is held in a location which does not require a permit and is free.  This small intimate wedding might have a Maid of Honor and Best Man.  It usually does not have a bridal party.  I officiate, sign your marriage license, and file at the court house for you.

Medium Ceremony:  Venues refer to the medium ceremony as a wedding with 50 – 150 guests.  It has a Maid of Honor and Best Man, along with a bridal party, and the venue is rented.  This ceremony requires a rehearsal, scheduled no more than a week in advance.  We will have an in-person 30 – 60 minutes consultation about your wedding service, and usually email for further communication.  If you would like suggestions of area professional wedding and event vendors, who I associate, I will be glad to provide you a list.

Large Ceremony:  A large wedding includes 150+ guests, and includes everything a medium ceremony has to offer.  Plus, we will have two (2) in-person consultation meetings, along with email communication.

Create Your Own Wedding:  This is designed to showcase your vision for your wedding ceremony.  Along with choosing the songs, poetry, inspirational quotes to compliment your vows and opening wedding service remarks, this could include a sand, unity candle, or bread & wine addition to your ceremony.

CosPlay:  This is for those with a vivid imagination or deep love of popular fandoms. We are willing to accommodate specific requests and will rule 63 as needed.

Deposit is required for all services.  Half of the final total price of your customized wedding package is due at the time of signing your contract and final half is due 14 days before the ceremony date.  The Quick Signing Ceremony is a cash only option.  Credit Cards are processed through PayPal.  Packages range from $150 – $1,000 with the average wedding being $300.