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White Dove Circle Light and Love, Shaman, Cindy Carver


White Dove Circle Light and Love, Shaman, Cindy CarverLong time, no post.  Sometimes there are small projects you will undertake and before long they have grown into something extremely large.  That’s where I am.  Eighteen months (or so) ago, my mother suggested we turn her barn into an event center.  I was excited.  Six months later, my husband passed into the Spirit realm and twenty-one days later my mother joined him.  The event center went on hold as the farm was divided.  Unfortunately, when the dust settled the barn did not belong to the piece of the property I inherited and only half of the driveway. (yikes.)

At that point, I decided I would make no major decisions until after the one year mark.  It is fast approaching.  The small project began when I found a small gothic style church for sale.  The gothic in style it was perfect for all denominations, no religious frills adorned it.  The basement lent itself to receptions, gatherings, even office space.  Then the bad news appeared, literally it had two, and I mean only two parking spaces on the street.  No parking lot, no space for a parking lot.  Disappointed, I moved on in my search for another.  Now, I know what I would really like to have and develop.

Which brings me to White Dove Circle of Light and Love.  A metaphysical gathering for the teachings of the ascended masters.  Rev. Patricia Zimmerman, author of Self Empowerment:  The Only Way to Heal will be using my office for some of her upcoming events.  Public is welcome.  She does not have traditional Sunday Services.  Her event times vary.   Rev. Pat will be holding her Ascended Masters Class at my office for the next couple of months.  Please come and visit.

Stouder Center

1100 Wayne Street

Suite #2520

Troy, Ohio 45373

Use the West Entrance.

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