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You’ve heard the term, life coach, but what is it really?  A life coach is comparable to a counselor.  The main difference being, a life coach does not diagnose or treat clinical level issues, nor bills your health insurance company.

Life Coach

How can a life coach help you?  Why would you consider a life coach over a mental health specialist?

  • Non-judgmental person to talk too.
  • Talk to a person not close to your situation.
  • No mental health record or diagnoses to follow you around *
  • Receive new emotional support for your healthy life choices.
  • Your personal cheerleader for your healthy life choices.
  • Life enhancing behavior support
  • Learn to be compassionate to self.
  • Learn to embrace mindful living.
  • Learn to release non-beneficial habits.
  • Learn to reduce or stop the negative self talk.
  • And more.

Life Coach

Have you a desire to set new goals for your life, career, or become an entrepreneur, with no idea how to put the goals into action?

  • Learn new mindsets
  • Receive cheer leading support
  • Set achievable goals
  • Begin reaching the goals set
  • Removing the glass ceiling
  • Removing the self talk that sabotages

Life Coach

Are you a creative person, with an artistic block or writers block?  An intuitive life coach can zero in and pin point the root of the block.

Have you been on a religious path and switching to a spiritual path?  A spiritual and non-judgmental life coach will help you adjust to your new way of thinking.  The neurons and neurological pathways of your brain are similar to those of your house wiring when energy flows along them.  Your neurological pathways will grow and develop as does your new spiritual path.

Rev. Cindy Lee is an Emotional Freedom Technique advance practitioner.  Her philosophy is to remove the negative or non-beneficial thoughts, beliefs and concepts while replacing them with compassionate non-judgmental acceptance.  As a spiritual advisor and lead pastor of Wisdom Quest – North (an indigenous church), she will allow you the freedom to grow, give you words of encouragement and wisdom, and cheer you on as you develop your human being into what you desire to be.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a tapping modality that removes the kinks from your body’s electrical and emotional system.  Let me explain it this way.  Your body in this example will be a house.  In a house, the electrical system works until there is a kink, broken wire, or a fuse pops.  The electrical line must be un-kinked, rewired, or the fuse flipped on for the circuits to work again.  The same happens with your body and its meridians (house wiring).  To repair the body’s wiring you will tap on the body’s meridian points very gently while focusing on the issue that may have disturbed its healthy state to begin with, while releasing the bothersome issue and replacing it with a happy compassionate thought.  While this sounds easy, and it is, it is sometimes faster than other times.  This is where I compare the disruptive issues to a table stacked with dishes.  Maybe you have ten plates in one stack and forty in another and the table is covered with all these dishes (emotions, traumas, bothersome issues), your mission with my assistance as your life coach is to find the root or core issue to each of these stacks and wipe the table clear of the dishes.

Whether you need one session or ten sessions, the choice is yours.  If you have the urge to reach and speak with a non-judgmental outsider, you’ve come to the right place.

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*A life coach is not a substitute for medical care.  If you need assistance from a licensed professional, then you should get it.  A life coach is a person who may guide you, but is not a replacement for clinical counsel.