Weight Reduction

Hypnosis aids in reprogramming the subconscious.  Together we decide the new program to be installed.  When you bring a USB drive with you, I will download our session onto it or send you the session through Dropbox for your convenience in listening to your session at home.

The session should be listened to as you drift off to sleep.  If that is not an option then listen to it at your convenience before bedtime.What you need to bring to your first session:

What you need to bring to your first session:

  • A list of desires you would like to achieve
  • A list of foods that are healthy for you that you like to eat
  • A list of foods that are healthy and you don’t like to eat
    • List if it is the texture or the flavor you find disgusting
  • A list of foods you crave
    • Do you feel you are addicted to these foods?


What do you need to do first thing in the morning on the day of our session:

  • Weigh yourself before food or drink, preferably nude
  • Write this weight and date on the first page of your journal that you bring with you.

Many don’t realize by adding hypnosis to your weight loss efforts will help you lose more weight and keep it off longer.  Relapse often happens, and this is where your recording come into play.  Begin listening again and regain control before you gain a full pant size.


Hypnosis became popular in the early 1800’s and precedes calorie counting or watching your carb as an effective strategy to manage weight.  The legitimate case studies of the respected hypnotist who focus on long-term behavior changes receive little to no notice while their counter-productive associate the stage hypnotist focuses on short term bizarre behavior and get the majority of attention.  This type of security hasn’t helped authenticate the many case studies.


I remember reading (and can not produce at this time) several hypnotic studies that stated that weight-reduction clients lost twice as much weight as those clients who didn’t use hypnosis.  The study followed the clients for a few years to record relapses.  Many did not relapse due to being able to listen to their cassette recordings periodically.  


We have all heard the phrase, “The answer is within yourself.”  Reprogramming your subconscious mind, allows your answer to come from within.  There is no need to use the latest fad or appetite suppressant.  When your emotional and physical balance comes into harmony, your ability to release excess weight becomes automatic.


For those who believe they can not be hypnotized, your initial session will be nonweight related.  Once you give permission for your hypnotist to work with you, then change is allowed to happen.  This expectation of being helped is necessary for your weight reduction induction to work at its optimal level.


My suggestion for long term change is to focus on positive statements.  For example, maybe you don’t like broccoli and you love biscuits and gravy. We would focus on the statement:  too many biscuits and gravy are unhealthy for my body.  I choose to enjoy the taste of steamed broccoli.  If you have positive mantras you would like to use make sure you include them in the journal you bring to our appointment.


Become aware of your eating habits and then modify the detrimental habit.  When I began to reduce my weight, I chose to eat yogurt instead of ice cream, and popcorn instead of Fritos.  Our focus will be to modify your eating habits to replace the empty calories with the nutritional caloric intake.  Your body is set on autopilot when it comes to food intake.  You must replace the bad with the good, and the good with the better.


At this time, I suggest eight sessions and listening to the recording (Not to be listened to in a car) between sessions for maximum benefit.  If you choose to implement the 20-minute positive affirmation recording at the same time (can be listened to in a car), its benefits will give your weight reduction a boost providing an essential element to your eating habit.


Now, envision yourself looking good, feeling good, unfortunately, this is the time when a relapse will transpire.  My suggestion is to listen to your recordings and if they do not help resolve your weight retention, give me a call and we’ll re-evaluate what triggered your overindulging.  This is an opportunity to continue your self-improvement and to become more empowered.