How to find the Right Ohio Wedding Officiant for you! Part 2 of 3

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How to find the Right Ohio Wedding Officiant for you! 

Part 2 of 3

Rev Cindy Lee at the Little Wedding Barn|dayton ohio| cosplay| steampunk|traditional| wedding officiate| wedding ceremonyYour fiancé and you need to share the vision of your wedding day.  It is normal for one half of the couple to be more gung-ho at planning while the other is agreeable.  Figuring out what your wedding looks, feels, and sounds like to you is the first part of your ceremonial prep.

1.  What type of ceremony do you want?  If you plan a religious ceremony, an alternative ceremony, or a secular ceremony, the choice of possible officiants will narrow.  If, your fiancé and you are of different faiths, you may want to have two officiants or an officiant who will blend your two faiths as in an inter-faith minister.  Should you desire an alternative ceremony such as Wiccan or other earth based religions, again this will narrow your choices, as well as a secular without religion or God mentioned at all.  Ohio Wedding Officiants have an assortment of officiants that are ready and willing to help you with your ceremony, including Native American style-Métis Tradition, Steampunk, Get your Geek on, CosPlay and Kiss-n-Go ceremonies.

2.  Where do we want our wedding to be held?   There are many options.  You might choose to have your wedding at the site of the reception, or in a park, on a farm, at the beach or in your own backyard.  Some religious officiants and government officials may not work outside of their place of worship or office, thus narrowing down your choice of officiants, yet again.

3.  Is it your preferred choice of a male or female officiant?  When you close your eyes and envision your wedding, what gender is the wedding officiant?  If, it is significant to you to have a man or woman exclusively, then you probably will not be content with somebody else.

How to find the Right Ohio Wedding Officiant for you!  Part 2 of 3

4.  What is without a doubt a must have in your ceremony?  This might be having your grandmother act as your flower girl, or a specific poem read by your cousin.  List making is very important, because you do not want to forget special details.  Knowing the answer to these questions will help you convey your vision to the wedding officiant version of your vision.

5.  What specifically do you not want in your ceremony?  Maybe you do not want a unity candle or sand in your ceremony.  Put this on a ‘do NOT want’ list.  Because when others begin sharing ideas, your fiancé and you may get wishy washy and give in.  If it is down in the do not want list, then you, both, will know that you will not negotiate on that item.  Other things you might not want may include writing your own vows and reading them, or God mentioned, or maybe you want God included but the ‘until death do us part’ left out.  Again, make a list.

6.  Do you want to write your own sermon, vows, and will you need help doing that?  You will need an officiant who will be willing to use your service, or create space within his or her service for your vows.  If you know what you want to say, yet are concerned the right words will not flow, you’ll officiant will assist you with finding the words of your heart.  This is an area of the ceremony you will need to acknowledge how much control you really want verses what you desire to delegate to the officiant.

How to find the Right Ohio Wedding Officiant for you!  Part 2

7.  How much control do you want over what the Wedding Officiant puts into the ceremony?  Not all words are the same.  Are you comfortable being surprised by your wedding service?  Weddings, like marriages, are made of different ideas.  How much control do you want in the words of your service?

8.  Now, with that discussed, does your fiancé and you have different thoughts about your ceremony?  You might need a wedding officiant that can put the different thoughts into a beautiful ceremony, and bring forth a poise of your combined vision.

9.  How significant is your ceremony compared to the entire wedding day?  What is the budget for your ceremony?  Your ceremony is the reason for the entire day.  Many wedding planners suggest $300 or less for your wedding location, officiant, chuppah and extras.  Yet, recommend $700 for a cake and $1,500 for flowers.  Allow your priorities to lead you to the budget of your Wedding Officiant, really, should the smallest investment be when you tangibly get married and the professional you entrusted with your fiancé’s and your ceremony and signing the legal stuff?

The wedding ceremony is the best moment before the wedding night.  Consider the part of your wedding day that you will remember on your first anniversary and each year thereafter.  The moment you declared your love and made the formal commitment to one another, it is the only part of the ceremony that is about your fiancé and you only.

Bear in mind, you get what you pay for.  The Wedding Officiant is something that needs to be considered, and not skimped on.  Even if your officiant of choice asks for a donation, remember how much time he/she put into your ceremony behind the scenes.  The average time put into a custom ceremony is about fourty five hours; this is from the initial contact until the certificate is filed after the ceremony with the courthouse.  Tip generously.

10.  GLBT couples:  This will definitely affect your wedding plans in the State of Ohio.  In Ohio your wedding commitment will not be legal.  Ohio is not a marriage equality state.  If you want a legal marriage at this time, you will need to research which states are marriage equality states.  Again, all these questions apply, especially whether the officiant is authorized to perform a legal ceremony.

I, Rev. Cindy Lee, will happily conduct a Holy Union for you and your partner.  WHEN, the State of Ohio moves into the 21st century and recognizes your union, contact me and I will sign your marriage license at that time at no additional fee.

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