How to choose the right wedding officiant

Choosing a Wedding Officiant

rev cindy lee carver|wedding officiant| dayton ohio| steampunk wedding officiate| cosplay wedding officiate| ohio wedding officiant|This is the one area where the bridal couples prefer to cut corners.  While the wedding officiant usually is the least expensive part of the wedding, one should be cautious in choosing their wedding officiant.  Often times, the cost reflects experience.  Many professionals will have specials for specific times of the year.  Yet, when you are making a last minute decision choices are often not as plentiful as the bridal couple would like.

Every year there are panicked couples, scouring at the last minute to find a legal, experienced wedding officiant to cover for them.  Their first choice may be having a friend ordained over the internet only to discover the proper channels were not followed and they can not be recognized by the state in which they are to be married.   Maybe Uncle _____ is ordained, went through the proper channels, only to discover when he is confronted by 80 pairs of eyes starring at him, he freezes.

Choosing a Wedding Officiant

It is often a good idea to get a contract from your wedding officiant.  If the wedding officiant does not have a contract chances are they do not do weddings for a living and experience may be limited to 10 a year.  The contract should protect you from being left at the alter without an officiant to legalize the ceremony.  If you do not have a contract, at least protect yourself by having a second and third choice available to call.

Choosing a Wedding Officiant

Why choose a professional wedding officiant over your best friend who decided to become ordained?  Experience.

  • A professional wedding officiant does weddings as his or her main job.A professional wedding officiant offers a contract for your protection.
  • A professional wedding officiant’s contract will cover him/her in case an act of God prevents them from showing up as contracted.
  • A professional wedding officiant will customize your ceremony.
  • A professional wedding officiant will have a website where reviews can be read, or photos can be shown.
  • A professional wedding officiant will be easy to contact, either by email or telephone.

My best advice is never hand over money without a contract.  This is a protection for you with each of your wedding vendors and includes the wedding officiant.