First Impressions

wedding, benham grove ohio

Today’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session introduced me to a young woman I had met a couple of years ago at a wedding I officiated.  Since I have only officiated three weddings at that particular venue, I knew it  was not the first one.  We spoke about loving the recessional to the tune of Harry Potter’s theme and how magical that felt to both of us.  It is one of my favorite recessional tunes, since that time.

While her session was very enlightening, I do chose to make note of how small the world truly has become.  Of all the hypnotist she could have chosen, I am grateful and thankful she chose me.  Plus the gentle memories of me  from our first meeting.

You never can tell what type of first impression you leave upon another.  There are no do overs. So, make the first one count.

Thank you to all, who met me and had a favorable impression first time.  You are appreciated.  (what’s not to like? heh? lol)  Seriously, thank you for all the kind things you may have said about me.

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