Children at the wedding

Families and weddings are meant to be.  Elders, adults, teenagers and children and infants are meant to gather and celebrate.  It’s a lovely occasion.

          I, personally, get lost in the world of wonder and exploration of the children.  An infant can cry during the ceremony and I don’t hear it.  A toddler can hid behind Daddy’s legs as he stands to be bestman, or can try to hid underneath the Maid of Honor’s dress, no matter the length of it.  To me, this is endearing.

          But, endearing stops when the child refuses to listen and respect adult authority.  My advice to parents whose child is ADD/ADHD, make sure they have a nap before rehearsal and the wedding.  Remove all sugar from their diet on the day of the rehearsal and wedding.  If the child has a habit of running off, put a harness on her/him and designate someone not in the wedding party to be on constant watch.  Hire a babysitter if need be for the wedding or to remain at home.  Remember, your minister is not the babysitter.

          Several venues I’ve worked at have creeks, ponds and waterfalls.  It is for your child’s safety she/he listens and does not run off.  Expecting your community of guest to watch out for her/him is not the answer either.  While one or two might say something to her/him when they see naughty deed, most will not know whether you gave permission to play in the creek to keep her/him entertained, and wont go with or to get your child and bring her/him back to safety.

          My wedding couples know, if you have a child and she/he is at the wedding, I will include the child in the wedding service.  Not all ministers do this.  If the child is focused on getting away from Grandma and Grandpa or Auntie or Unc… It is difficult to include the child in the Benediction Blessing.

          What’s my average for a child hyped on sugar who is ADD/ADHD at a wedding?  Usually, one a year.  🙂   I don’t make a fuss.  I carry on and ignore the behavior.  My blog this week is to deliver the message that your child should be well rested and not given sugar foods if it winds her/him up.  Plus, keep them safe when there are attention span challenges.

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