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Rev. Cindy Lee Carver
Your Wedding Officiant
Quantum Healing Hypnotist

Oh! How delightful! The Universe has delivered my web page to you.  I believe in choices, free will, and divine intervention.  Other things I believe is that your wedding ceremony and/or spiritual development should not be cookie cutter.  At the top of this page is three different service choices you can make.  Weddings, Hypnosis and Spiritual, maybe you are interested in all three but most of you will not be.  Choose the service that interest you the most and click that link.

            Weddings – A couple of the things, I bring to the table is choices and no surprises.  For example,  when my husband and I married the minister asked if I promised to obey.  The answer was a resounding No before he finished his sentence.  My husband chuckled.  I did promise to love, honor and cherish him.  But, it was a surprise to me.  For some reason, I never expected that to be in our vows.  Actually only mine, his didn’t have the word obey.  This means you get to decide what style of wedding ceremony you experience.  Humanistic, religiously traditional, off-beat and geeky, pagan or a combination of two or more.  You also read the final draft of your ceremony before your wedding day.  I am very accommodating to your style.  We will sit down and go over your dream wedding ceremony, then I tell you what I can actually deliver.  Then, together, we decide what your ceremony will include.

           Hypnosis – Soon there will be mp3’s to choose from, though until then I offer private and group sessions.  If you are interested in specific brain entrainment, we will discuss what you would like installed as a new belief in your subconscious program, we will work on the exact wording to use during your session.  Hypnosis is a great way to find out what is really going on in current daily difficult challenges you might be experiencing.  Also, I offer pre-wedding sessions for weight, smoking, and stress relief for the bridal party as a group.  I will be moving the MP-3’s and other hypnosis information to Third Mind Hypnosis.  The site is not active at this time, it is coming soon.

            Spiritual Development – This category has information about the ongoing development of spiritual abilities, communication with your higher self, and spiritual healing techniques.

            No matter the service you seek, I thank you for visiting my website today.  May you be Blessed.  The secret to miracles is to be open to receiving as well as giving.  You can not give and expect another to receive if you can not receive what another gives to you.

Questions and Answers:  Questions that are often asked are answered here.

My Philosophy

Your life mate is your choice.  That choice is individually yours. I recognize compatibility, mutual respect, and honoring one another is a more important aspect to consider when deciding a lifetime commitment.

As your wedding officiant, I will do my very best to honor your culture, ceremonial decorum, and your individuality.  Whether you want a themed wedding,  a very traditional wedding, an off beat wedding or all out CosPlay wedding, this is your special day and I’ll do my best to provide the service in your unique manner.

Should you desire to write your service from the beginning of, “Please rise…” to “You may Kiss…”  or if your only inclination is to write your vows, I will work with you to create the wedding ceremony of your highest aspirations.

Thank you for considering me as your wedding officiant.

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Ohio Wedding Officiant


Office:  Stouder Center

1100 Wayne Street, Suite #2520

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