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Rev. Cindy Lee, Your Wedding Officiant

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How fortunate we found each other!  Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Cindy Carver or Rev. Cindy Lee.  I am a minister of 20 years.  Over the years, I noticed that off-site ministers or wedding officiants were more difficult to find.  I specialize in officiating alternative, themed, non-traditional, and GLBT weddings.

Off beat themes are more popular now, than any other time in history.  My blog contains photos of a Halloween theme and steampunk from 2014.  I’m continue to wait for the photos from other Brides and Grooms.

Rev. Cindy Lee,Your Wedding Officiant

My Services include

  • Rehearsals:  As your wedding officiant, I, Rev. Cindy Lee, am a believer that everyone should know what is expected of them.  As this is a show.  Everyone wants this to be a perfect event and therefore need to know their stage placement or lines.  The wedding ceremony is the climax of the show.
  • My Wedding Officiant Attire Choices:
    • Traditional black robe with gold tapestry stole –free
    • Traditional Métis (Native American) attire- free
    • Rustic Country style – free
    • Costume according to theme of wedding – To Be Determined.
    • Steampunk – free
    • Gypsy – free
  • Fee:
    • Wedding Ceremony & Full Rehearsal
    • Wedding Ceremony, Rehearsal, & Pre-Marital counseling –
      • 3 sessions -50 minutes each
    • Portable PA system –
  • Photographers and I get along very well.  While, I do not want them stepping in between the couple and myself, they are welcome to get all the shots the bride and groom have discussed.  I need to be informed of their placement as to not look surprised when the photographer steps close.  As your wedding officiant, I will caution them, this is your wedding day and not the photographer’s.  I simply request they act professional for the bride and groom’s sake, and not act like paparazzi.
  • Associate ministers (trained wedding officiants) provide reliable backup, just in case of an emergency, I do not leave you strained at the altar.  My associate minister is registered with the State of Ohio and will have your wedding ceremonial script that is designed for you.  There is no additional fee for this emergency plan.

Rev. Cindy Lee, Your Wedding Officiant

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Rev. Cindy Lee
            (937) 985-7956

Based out of West Milton, Ohio, I service a 200 mile radius which includes the Columbus/Cincinnati/Toledo areas.  After the first 50 miles, there is a mileage fee of $1 per mile.  My home base is The Event Connections in Dayton, Ohio.  The two closest venues, to me, are The Willow Tree outside of Tipp City and Cooper Farms in Ludlow Falls.

Rev. Cindy Lee, Your Wedding Officiant

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself.   I look forward to working with you!

Rev. Cindy Lee, Your Wedding Officiant

Be Blessed!
Ohio Wedding Officiant
office:  The Event Connections
              4140 Linden Avenue
              Dayton, OH   45432